A new method to help pharmaceutical companies perform preclinical trials much faster using Zebrafish and neural networks
Danio Rerio
Danio Rerio, also known as Zebrafish, is a potent model organism that is widely used in academia for disease and drug studies.
The genome of Danio Rerio is highly homologous to a human. The similarity to human in neural, blood, metabolic, and cardiovascular systems allows to use it as a model organism for drug testing.

Working with fish is much easier and faster when compared to mammals and can be easily automated. Completely automated fish tank facilities are available on the market. This fish tanks allows strict and precise control of environment and eliminates expensive and erroneous manual human labor.

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The ability to change the behavior of the object is key to understanding the physiological and chemical foundations of homeostasis.

The path of the fish swimming in fish tank is a result of homeostasis of this exact fish. Patterns of behaviour defined by evolutionary process. In real experiments hours of observations by highly qualified experts are required to identify this patterns.

New types of behavioural patterns emerge when a fish is exposed to a psychoactive compound. Fish change its path, activity, speed, even fin micromovements. To interpret this behavioural change is a challenging task for an expert.

Our solution automates behavior analysis allowing us to process a much larger volume of experimental data.

Alex Polovian
Georgy Galumov
Dmitry Bozhko