Behavioural effects estimation
in preclinical trials

ZebraML estimating behavioural effects of new drugs. To get the drug behavioural profile we are assessing its effects in comparison to the database of well-studied drugs. Our model of choice for in vitro experiments is Zebrafish (Danio Rerio). We are processing data with ML and AI methods.
ZebraML experiment description
1. Experiment design
Together with the customer we are deciding what compounds we are going to test and expected outcomes.

2. Lab package
Customer prepares the lab package (chemical compounds and materials that are provided by the customer for the experiment) and ships it to the Laboratory. The Laboratory performs wet experiments in accordance with the protocol.

3. In vitro experiment
The laboratory conducts an experiment with Zebrafish. Then sends experimental results to ZebraML. ZebraML processes the data.

4. In silico and results
ZebraML runs ML algorithms on received data and sends the results and interpretation to the Customer for review.
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