Making AI tools
for processing results of animal drug trials

Drug researchers have hundreds of hours of animal experiments.
ZebraML automates animal behavior analysis.
What exactly can you do?
  • Compare behavioral effects of different substances.
  • Study time-course effects of a drug.
  • Investigate combinations of drugs.
  • Track behavior differences of genetically modified organisms.
Why AI?
  • Reproducible — no more ambiguity in behavior interpretation.
  • Affordable — less expensive than a human.
  • Scalable — it takes 1 hour to process 500+ hours of experimental videos.
Comparing to human expert, AI is:
Which model organisms are you working with?
So far we worked with zebrafish, mice and rats.

What data format do you support?
We work with industry-standard software (Noldus, etc). Any program that can export a list of animal coordinates to a csv or xlsx will do the job.
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